The white working class in America is in decline – by design

In a shocking essay first published by Global Research back in July 2016, authors Robin Eastman-Abaya and Professor James Petras attempt to explain the decline of the white working class in America, which they ultimately conclude is the result of “genocide by prescription.”

Petras and Eastman-Abaya explain that “this is the first time in the country’s ‘peacetime’ history that its traditional core productive sector has experienced such a dramatic demographic decline – and the epicenter is in the small towns and rural communities of the United States.” The report’s authors go on to say that the causes for these so-called premature deaths include an increased number of suicides, untreated complications related to diabetes and obesity, and above all else, “accidental poisoning.”

Over the past few years, thousands of Americans have died as a result of drug overdoses or toxic drug interactions, most of which were cases that were directly related to narcotic pain medications prescribed by doctors. Indeed, the vast majority of people who have died of heroin, fentanyl and methadone overdose first became addicted after being prescribed medication by individuals within the medical community, supplied by large pharmacies and manufactured by pharmaceutical companies. “In essence,” the authors state, “this epidemic has been promoted, subsidized and protected by the government at all levels and reflects the protection of a profit-maximizing private medical-pharmaceutical market gone wild.”

Furthermore, it’s worth noting that this is a trend that is not seen anywhere else in the world at such a level. For instance, the report’s authors state, even though Britain has their own problems with alcohol addiction, obesity and tobacco, the population has been generally spared because of the fact that their National Health System operates with different standards than the United States – that is, the well-being of the patient is valued over profit.

The paper goes on to discuss the nature of long-term and large-scale drug induced deaths, the demographics of those dying from drug overdose, and the political economy of opioid addiction. The authors ultimately conclude that “there is a class basis for this veritable genocide by narcotics raging among white workers and the unemployed in the small towns and rural areas” of the United States, which is that “it is the ‘perfect’ corporate solution to a surplus labor force.” Petras and Eastman-Abaya urge American workers and their leaders to “wake up to this cruel fact and resist this one-sided class war or continue to mourn more untimely deaths in their own drug-numbed silence.”

To some, it may be a bit of a stretch to conclude that whites are being targeted for genocide through the use of narcotics, but what we do know as an absolute fact is that white people in America are increasingly being treated as second-class citizens. At Texas State University, for instance, an op-ed was published last November in the school’s newspaper, The University Star, telling white people that their DNA – an uncontrollable genetic code that everyone is born with – is an abomination. (Related: A left-wing professor has denounced the “whiteness” of farmers markets… because buying fresh food from farmers is now apparently racist.)

In that same month, Cal State San Marcos held a whiteness forum detailing the different ways in which white people oppress people of color and society. These are just two examples out of hundreds of how white people are beginning to be viciously attacked and discriminated against for no other reason other than the fact that they were born white. (Related: This college will now require students majoring in political science to take an “Abolition of Whiteness” course.)

It sure seems as though the progressives, social justice activists and minorities are doing the same exact thing to whites that they accuse whites of doing to minorities; the only difference is that in their minds, being openly racist towards whites is acceptable, while being openly racist towards blacks is not.

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